Scores Drawn
The Back Story


Scores Drawn was inspired by the famous Leicester City Premier League title win. We wanted to create a poster to celebrate what was a fairytale moment in the world of sport but also because one of us is a Fox and was desperate not to forget, but to keep re-living those goals.

To help us come up with a design, we looked at our own football histories: Shoot, Match, Panini stickers, Top Trumps, Subbuteo, Spot the Ball, The Pools, Final Score, The Vidiprinter, Football Pink, Jimmy Hill, Match of the Day, Saint and Greavsie, Grandstand, World of Sport, Football Italia…… These influences, along with the inspiration of a mate who recorded in a notebook every result, goal and scorer of every World Cup and European championship since he was able to write, brought us to a design we called ‘Home and Away’. Our friends liked our LCFC print and so we started thinking about other designs and clubs. We repeated it for other Premier League winners and so Scores Drawn was born.

Our aim now is to chronicle football and sporting history, a giant task we know but we’re on a mission to give the Scores Drawn treatment to any team or supporter that has something to celebrate.

Enjoy a Scores Drawn and let that moment hang forever.


All designs and images on this website are copyright of Scores Drawn 2018. Please don’t steal or reproduce anything without permission. Be inspired but don’t steal.


Three people at the top of their game. Major shouts to Placey (logo and design of website), Ralph Mackenzie (website and shop development) and Stephanie Lambe (proof checker and editor).